Podcast coaching to help small business owners and entrepreneurs create a strong, effective mindset and voice through the power of podcast and video.

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podcast coaching


*Vocal and Speech coaching

*Podcast Messaging and Podcast Growth Planning

*Content Creation/Podcast Planning

*Launch Coaching

Podcast Production Packages

*Podcast trailers creation

*Podcast Intro/Outro creation
*Weekly podcast editing & notes

*Live Podcast Engineering

*Podcast Audio repair

*Narrative podcast production training https://thepodcastersforum.com/podcastproductionservices/(opens in a new tab)

Podcast Audit Packages

Get a detailed report on your podcast's current health

Gritty Birds Podcast and You Tube Channel

A motivational coaching podcast about creative recovery:

learning to thrive using the grit we were born with, to create more powerful content.

Confidence building
Building habit loops

Podcast Workshops and Courses

Find out about upcoming podcast workshops and where I'll be speaking next.

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