More About Me

Hi! My name is Jeni Wren Stottrup, but you can call me Jeni Wren. 

I am a vocal artist, podcast producer, professional editor, vocal coach, and podcast coach. 

Podcasting has been my passion for around a decade, when I first started guesting as an artist when my EP North Star came out in 2013. 

I launched Gritty Birds to help answer some of the questions I’d had after close to two decades performing and producing events, acting on boards, writing for publications and being deeply immersed in the music industry. My journey brought me grants, sponsors, a Kickstarter(my second), a radio position and trained me narrative and podcast audio production. 

After two years working in pro audio at Guitar Center, topping off at one point as the #1 woman in audio sales in the PNW, I decided to produce full time, supporting other podcasters.

Pre-pandemic I had begun partnering with major audio brands like RME audio, who I was the face of in 2020, and also spoke on the main stage at She Podcasts Live on narrative production and at PodFest, amongst other virtual conferences.

Last year I began testing out new ideas for what I wanted the next phase of Gritty Birds to be and The Podcasters Forum was born. 

I spent the last two years sharpening my skills and getting deep into my own personal development, and am bringing all these elements to my work in the new year. 

I’d love to connect and see how I can help you become a better podcaster this year with your brand.

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