Podcast Audits

A podcast audit helps you get a detailed report on your podcast's current health.

See where you rate on podcast marketing, content, show flow, sound quality, show notes, website, social media and more.

Choose one of three packages. Start with the detailed analysis, or upgrade to a strategy session with suggestions on how you can solve some of the issues you are currently facing.

Starting at $500.

Music or podcast background with headphones, microphone, coffee
Is your podcast making the impact you want? In our basic package you’ll receive a detailed “report card” and video with feedback on your podcast.
Hosts having podcast session together
All the elements of the basic podcast audit package, as well as a 90 minute 1:1 podcast coaching session to answer questions.
two cheerful radio hosts in headphones recording podcast in studio
Advanced Plus
All the elements of Advanced, as well as a podcast coaching session with solutions and action items.