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I'm Jeni and I want to help you elevate your show so it gets the attention it deserves.. and your message out in the world.

I know something about you. You are invested in yourself and your growth as a creator. 

I know that you are someone with some real strengths. That’s why you’ve chosen to put your voice into the world. 

Whether it’s to support your business, a cause, or out of your passions, broadcasting your voice into the world takes GUTS!

I know that podcasting can be challenging, and that everyone faces different elements that can hold back their growth. I know this because I’ve been podcasting and supporting podcasters for the last 9 years! 

Through my own growth journey and learning from experiences with my clients, I’ve mastered techniques to overcome mindset issues, speak with confidence, developed strategies for growth, stayed up to date on the latest trends in podcasts, and deepened my knowledge of how to tell a really good story and develop and schedule content that keeps an audience hooked.

At The Podcasters Forum, I support content creators through 

I’d love to learn about what message YOU want to share to the world and how I can help you enhance them.

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Adrienne van der Valk

Jeni is deeply knowledgeable and also highly invested in her students. Her combination of technical understanding and storytelling chops is rare, and anyone who works with her is going to benefit from not only her rich experience but also her caring and encouraging attitude.

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